The strangest animals ever discovered



I love reading through Charles Darwin’s diaries. Who wouldn’t? Written in his early 20s, Darwin writes detailed accounts of his days on board HMS Beagle. For me, these are accounts of fantastic, real, adventures: travelling where no Englishman had travelled before, discovering new animals and plants, and finding gigantic creatures trapped in the rocks. His own words, scrawled in his cramped cabin, or beneath the clear South American night transports you back with him.

Who doesn’t dream of adventure like that? I am a strong believer in creating your own adventures in life, yet there is something wonderfully romantic about being swept away in somebody else’s.

Darwin was almost never on the Beagle. A young Robert Fitzroy unexpectedly took command of the big ship during it’s first voyage when the captain shot himself. It wasn’t unusual for captains to fall into depression on long voyages away from home. Fitzroy was paranoid and…

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