concealed carry

I have received my concealed carry permit and for last few weekends I have been doing an experiment in CC my Glock 20 which is a very large gun. Nobody has said anything and the few that I have asked don’t realize that I got it on me the one friend who her and her husband are gun collectors I noticed that she was looking at my hip so I’m pretty sure she knew I was carrying. I think the only people that notices are those that have guns themself.


The strangest animals ever discovered



I love reading through Charles Darwin’s diaries. Who wouldn’t? Written in his early 20s, Darwin writes detailed accounts of his days on board HMS Beagle. For me, these are accounts of fantastic, real, adventures: travelling where no Englishman had travelled before, discovering new animals and plants, and finding gigantic creatures trapped in the rocks. His own words, scrawled in his cramped cabin, or beneath the clear South American night transports you back with him.

Who doesn’t dream of adventure like that? I am a strong believer in creating your own adventures in life, yet there is something wonderfully romantic about being swept away in somebody else’s.

Darwin was almost never on the Beagle. A young Robert Fitzroy unexpectedly took command of the big ship during it’s first voyage when the captain shot himself. It wasn’t unusual for captains to fall into depression on long voyages away from home. Fitzroy was paranoid and…

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Inclusive of Psychopaths – Frank J. Fleming

According To Hoyt

*Once upon a time Frank’s blog was one of the things that kept me from bursting from the (glass fronted) political closet brandishing an AK-47.  Now that I’m out in the open and everything, imagine my surprise when I found Frank was writing novels.  In science fiction and everything.  Give him a warm Hunnish welcome, and go buy his book. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate. – SAH*

Inclusive of Psychopaths – Frank J. Fleming

What makes good science fiction? Is it a fast-paced story? Interesting characters? Unpredictable twists and turns?

Unfortunately, I had those outdated ideas in mind when I wrote my first novel, Superego. But as we all know, the true purpose of science fiction now is inclusiveness. Entertainment is okay, I guess, but what we really need to focus on is making sure everyone feels cared for and included and that no one feels weird…

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Cake or Death?

According To Hoyt

Well, that was fun. Yesterday’s post was one of those I wrote because I had to. It was forced on me by whatever the h*ll it is that makes me write my novels. If I hadn’t written I would become unable to write anything.

I wish whatever the h*ll that is had more sense, because… well, that was fun.

I wrote more than two thousand words so I could carefully explain my reasoning and my motives, and make people understand that this was not what I would PREFER but the only way we can deal with unpleasant reality. Also, that frankly the “let it burn” and “third party” roots have the hallmarks of a false flag operation encouraging them. Which frankly ladies and gents, I DO know about and can smell a mile off. The other side always uses them.

For my pains I was told I’m an “incrementalist” and…

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Winter At Valley Forge

According To Hoyt

Lately there has been a wave of talk about leaving the GOP behind, going third party. It’s seemingly everywhere (except this blog, where the people espousing it are people who always have – hold on to that point, it will be relevant later.)

I know I responded with a twitter rant of someone who got more snippy than I would have because he said it better than I could – not the snippy part, but the point of his rant – to someone who said that two days ago. I am sorry, no offense meant. It’s just that I think you – all of you – are barking up the wrong tree and failing to see both the progress and the problems with your chosen course.

Sure, some people I respect – Chris Muir, Bill Quick, sometimes Bill Whittle – advocate that. I’m going to say they haven’t looked at…

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